Eco-Friendly Relocation

Eco-friendly Moving tips. How a few simple steps can reduce the environmental impact of your relocation.

Dealing With the Stress of Moving

Moving is a big change, and most families move fairly frequently (especially in the recently economy). Some research suggests that moving has adverse affects on our health due to all the stress. I believe that the real source of the problem is how we resist change (which can cause stress and stress related illness).

Where To Get Moving Boxes For Free

Cardboard boxes of many shapes and sizes are widely available. Think about the number of boxes that are used for shipping on a daily basis. Finding boxes to use for packing your items is a fairly easy process, if you don’t have any concern whatsoever concerning their condition.

Moving Season 2012: Are You Ready for an Exciting and Scary Season?

Many feel the economy is getting better. Home sales are doing better. There is better buying power and less inventory of homes in the market. So, what happens when the market is facing this new turnaround? We have new movers coming into the market to fulfill the needs of those who are moving. Now, these new so-called movers have no experience, and no knowledge on how to pack, wrap, load and transport furniture. What does that equal? Damages, breakage, lost items just to name a few results. There is a science behind the process of relocating.

Military Wives, Get Your Florida License Without Real Estate School

Thank you Florida Real Estate Commission for making it possible for a military spouse not to interrupt their real estate career when their spouse is transferred to Florida. Military spouses can get their Florida license before they go to real estate school.

Don’t Be Stressed: Break Your Move to Three Manageable Phases

Once you have decided to move to a new city, there is the matter of actually moving. If you are pressed for time or too overwhelmed by the prospect of moving everything yourself, there are many moving companies that you can use to make it easier, a quick search for moving companies can give you a list, but there is more to consider than simply choosing a mover.

Moving After Retirement

When people retire from their careers, they often feel like a move would make the retirement process more complete. This is often a good idea because retirees are essentially starting a new chapter in their lives. Why not start that new life in a new place?

Essentials for Moving Day

There are items you will likely need in the first week after you move into your new house. The box in which you pack these items should either be with you in your vehicle or be the last box on the moving company’s truck so you can get to it quickly and easily if you need it.

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