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Things to Consider When Moving to Spain

There’s no other country in the world quite like Spain – the laid-back lifestyle, excellent food and great climate make the country a hugely popular destination for both tourists and those looking to start an exciting new life abroad. Read on to find out more about moving to Spain.

Moving Companies: Are You Insured?

It has been my experience that customers make one particular mistake over and over when getting quotes from moving companies, and that’s asking if the moving company is insured. It’s not that they ask that question, it’s how they ask the question, and what they believe they understand from the moving companies response.

Tips For Scouting A New School For Your Elementary School Kid

Many parents want a particular school so badly that they are willing to deal with long distances. Consider the ramifications of that on you and on the child before committing to it. Long trips to and from school can be particularly hard on kids, and the better option may be to move to a home that is closer to the school.

Long Term Moving Storage

Long term moving storage; for those who need more than 60 days storage of their belongings. Reliable moving companies offer secure storage for your shipment.

Moving to Spain? Important Information About Cargo Shipping to Spain

Thousands of people decide to move to Spain each and every year. If you are considering moving to Spain than you may want to ship your household goods overseas. This might including shipping a car to Spain or other personal items. There are some important things you should know before shipping overseas including customs rules, regulations and restrictions that may influence your decision about where to move and what to pack.

Inspect Belongings Before And After The Move

Property damage is one of the most significant expenses that occur during relocation. The biggest problem is that people simply do not expect or prepare for their goods to be damaged during transportation. Even with proper insurance, many people still incur the cost because by the time they become aware of the damage, they are no longer entitled to make a claim with the moving company.

Some General Tips to Assist You With a Smooth and Efficient House Clearance

House clearance tips. Avoiding the pitfalls, and the cowboys. What to expect, how much should it cost, insurance etc.

A Task-List and Schedule for Moving

You are excited to be moving to a new home, but you have so many things to do. Having a task-list and schedule for the big event will help you prepare for the move without unnecessary worry. Check storage facilities if you believe that you will need storage room and gather packing supplies such as boxes, tape, and marking pens.

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